Sugar Blues: Are You Addicted To Sugar?

Do you wonder if your kids are eating too much sugar?
Confused by food labels on how much sugar you are really eating?
Did you know there are over 25 words used in food labeling for the word sugar?
Do you want to learn how to kick the sugar habit?
Join your neighbors at an informative 2 hour workshop that will explore how the sugar in our diets can affect our health and our wallet. Learn how to cut back on the amount of sugar you are consuming each day. Recipes & a sample of a sweet treat to try that your family will love!

The discussion will be followed by a  yoga class designed for both beginners and experienced students. We will explore yoga poses that can help aid in digestion. All body types and fitness levels welcome!
Ardmore Community Workshop
When: October 1st 2016
Time: 1:00pm to 3:00pm
Where Miller Park Rec Center 400 Leisure Lane
Cost: $10.00

To confirm your spot in the workshop email
Include full name, address, email and phone number.

You will receive confirmation email.
Register by September 28th 2016

Limited to 20 participants 18 & older
Sponsored by



Annual Members Meeting – October 6

Date and Time: Thursday, October 6, 2016 from 7:00 – 8:00 PM

Location: Miller Park Recreation Center (400 Leisure Ln, Winston-Salem, NC 27103)

Attend the annual ANA membership meeting. You’ll get to meet & greet your neighbors, learn about the association’s upcoming events, and enjoy an account of the work that is underway on the Ardmore history project.

No pre-registration is required. This is the annual ANA members’ meeting to vote on nominees for the board and sign up for leadership opportunities. You might be willing to serve on one of the ANA committees and/or find out how you can participate in upcoming events. If you are not yet a member of the Ardmore Neighborhood Association, you can join now online or sign up in person at the meeting Thursday night. See you there!

July 4 Pinic at Miller Park

Ardmore neighbors had more than a few reasons to celebrate Independence Day but the return of the annual 4th of July picnic was a big one.

A family-friendly event sponsored by the Ardmore Neighborhood Association, the potluck lunch was a relaxed and fun gathering of multiple generations.

Traditional picnic foods turned up in force. Gallons of sweet tea and fresh, real lemonade washed down deviled eggs, hot dogs, hummus, fruit, fried chicken and patriotic-themed cupcakes.

Fantastic prizes were handed out to the balloon pop activity.

Well-behaved dogs – on leash, of course – got to sniff and wag at will. Children had a choice of activities.

They jostled to be on hand when the red star piñata yielded up its contents.

Kids queued up for some very creative face painting courtesy of Lyndia Cone.

The participants of the decorated tricycles parade were so caught up in the passion of the moment that they took to the tarmac – stars ‘n stripes flapping in the wind – and rode off on a longer, entirely different route than the one that had been planned for them.

Happily, all of them made it back.

A terrific job was done by the picnic’s organizer-in-chief Marlo Newman who sits on the board of the Ardmore Neighborhood Association and serves as the organization’s treasurer.

Volunteers showed up early to hang decorative swags and banners.

Plenty of people stayed late to help with the clean up, and everything that was left behind found a home except for one jeweled hula hoop that is still in the back of Bonnie’s car.

Special appreciation is owed to the business sponsors and donors of the balloon pop prizes.

They include Whole Foods, Gigi’s cupcakes, Harris Teeter, Mainstream Boutique, Stella Brew, Ardmore Realty, Bonnie Blue’s Pickles & Relish, First Citizen’s Bank, Lowes Foods, Publix, Style Encore and Ruff Housing.

Thanks too for PB’s donation of 100 hot dogs and buns and for Moe’s chips & salsa.

If you do business with any of these places, please mention the Ardmore Neighborhood Association and thank them for their support.

Oh, and mark your calendar for next year: The Ardmore 4th of July picnic is back!!!

May 2016 Meeting Minutes

Minutes for the May 5, 2016 ANA Meeting


Board members in attendance: Bonnie Crouse, Jordan Payne, Marlo Newman, Charlie Whittington, Laura Farrell, Lyndia Cone, David Cone, Kathy Pearre


Non-board members/guests: Kandi Villano, Lori Noel


Call to Order at 7:03 pm


Approval of April 7, 2016 minutes

Bonnie recommended changes for Andy to make to minutes, note the date of Carol’s resignation from board & taken vote to remove Gary Blocker from board. No other changes of note. Motion to approve minutes at the June meeting, and motion was approved.


Treasurer’s Report (Marlo)

Email sent prior to meeting from Marlo. Carol paid back expenses for April event. Obtained one new business membership & 5 new individual memberships (also, more from Laura to likely be submitted). $5,272.26 is in account currently.


Old Business:


Ardmore Remembers event recap

Estimated to be up to 40 people in attendance at one point, not sure of total count. Great attendance in spite of lots of other local events going on that day. Skewed towards an older crowd as expected, but the event appeared to be executed pretty y and Carol did a great job. People at the event were glad to see ANA is alive and well. Most people heard of the event via Facebook. Activities also went over great. Light refreshments were provided.


Update on Signs (Laura)

Laura has current makeup of signs, with note that ANA membership is at $10/year.  Debate now is to what colors to have on the sign to catch the eye of those passing through the neighborhood. Appears that a white sign, with yellow background in the ANA logo, and black text is the consensus agreement. Cost will be $872 before tax. Motion made for Laura to proceed with signs and motion was approved.


Membership (Laura & Kathy)

Laura and Kathy took Andy’s information that was provided to her and started to put together a comprehensive list of paid members (supposedly 32-36 members so far, but clearly there are more members). They continue to search for additional names of people who have paid. Paypal has issues and it’s hard to determine who has paid (apparently only provides a name to Marlo). Laura suggests making a list that keeps track of the month a person joins, then remind them the next year their membership is up. Anyone who receives new membership/payment information should pass that on to the membership committee and treasurer so we can keep track of who/when someone pays. Discussion to make simple cards/flyers to draw in the small percentage of members who do not have email. Once the membership list appears to be finalized, it will be sent out to the board. Motion approved for Laura and Kathy to get $30 to design membership cards.


Fourth of July Picnic update (Marlo)

April event had teaser for the 4th of July picnic, so promotion has officially started. Potluck, Pavilion #1 at Miller Park from 11:30am-2:30pm. Marlo got remnant stuff from past 4th of July events from Patti Heath (who spent $600 on a 4th of July event a few years ago). ANA will provide lemonade & water. Will talk to PB’s to see if they would provide hot dogs, and/or may also get KFC—just depends on how many people we think will attend. Will NOT advertise the chicken/hot dogs if we do end up providing them. Jordan/Kim will make dart balloon board that will randomly have gift cards, prizes, etc. Call to help with asking businesses for donating prizes. Will also do a photo booth with props. Also will have bicycle/tricycle decorating parade, piñata, and face painting for the kids. Patti may have recreation balls we can borrow/have? Also, may seek out a band—preferably someone local to the neighborhood. Right now, budget is at $350 without a band. Motion to approve $500 budget for the 4th of July picnic and was approved. Will need volunteers for setup.


Website & Social Media update (Bonnie/Kandi Villano)

Kandi Villano (of Computer and Technology Solutions, or CATS) is here to talk about our social media/website improvements. Lived in Ardmore since 2001 & owns a computer company. Wants to turn the website into a personalized version of Facebook. The site will have a “front room” and a ”back room” for members. She said she didn’t know there was an ANA, but Bonnie recruited her. Plans to get a business membership. Very open to suggestions on what to add to the website. Will work on a way to easily vet who is paying for a membership (either PayPal or another preferable option). Laura suggested to make changes to the ANA Facebook page (ex. the banner to a neighborhood picture) since we have plenty of photos we can use. Kandi says she is here for the ANA to use to our advantage. First step will be to design offline site, then try to figure out how to better streamline finances/membership electronically. Also, Kandi recommends Instagram and Twitter accounts as well (ex. cancellation due to weather). Bonnie suggests trying to make the ANA a 501c(3) so we can obtain liability insurance and businesses can donate items that can be tax deductable. Motion to provide one year business membership to Kandi for free due to pending work on ANA social media/website items, and motion was approved.


Crime Prevention meeting update

Last year we had a popular crime prevention meeting at Miller Park Rec Center. Property crimes typically increase when spring/summer rolls around, so we would like to hold another meeting to follow up with last year’s meeting. We have asked and got an OK from Dan Besse to hold another meeting with someone from city council, the city police, and can hold the meeting free. Potential dates are June 2nd and May 26th. Motion to have the crime meeting on June

Crime Prevention Common Sense

June 2, 2016  7:00 p.m. 

Miller Park Recreation Center 400 Leisure Lane, 27103

Summertime is when crime rates tend to go up.

It’s just a fact. This isn’t unique to Winston-Salem.

Causes frequently mentioned include kids being out of school, a change in daylight hours, people leaving for week-long vacations.

You can even blame the weather:

People have a tendency to leave windows open when they go out for a few hours. 

Our city police department’s preparations for summer take all of this into account and they plan accordingly. You can, too. 

The basic idea of the Neighborhood Watch program will be summarized:”Neighbors Looking Out for Each Other.” 

Helping to start a Neighborhood Watch group in your section of Ardmore is one option.

There are plenty of other steps you can take to reduce the odds that you and your family might be the ones dealing with the aftermath of a home invasion or some kind of property theft.

Invest an hour, come sit with some of your neighbors and find out more. 

Presenters from the Winston-Salem Police Department will include:
Cptn. Doug Nance, captain of District 3 (which includes Ardmore) and
Cpl. Scott Boak, Community Resources Unit/Neighborhood Watch Coordinator

Other members of the Winston-Salem Police Department will be on hand to answer questions and share their crime prevention recommendations.

For more information, phone or text (336) 682-4804

Ardmore Remembers

Ardmore Presents Poster - Google Docs

Telling Stories About Ardmore’s Yesterdays

Saturday, April 23,  2:00 to 4:00 p.m. Miller Park Recreation Center

400 Leisure Lane, Winston-Salem, NC 27103

Professional North Carolina historian and whimsical storyteller Fam Brownlee will take us back in time and guide a discussion of our neighborhood’s storied past.
Post a personal story about other days in Ardmore on our Memory Maps
Bring your photos to be copied for our Ardmore History Project
Sign up to have your memories of Ardmore recorded as part of the Oral History Project.  Residents and fans of Ardmore are invited to drop in or spend the whole afternoon immersed in stories about a great neighborhood.

For more information, contact

ANACameoMrs. P. Johnson



The Ardmore Neighborhood Association

The purpose of the Ardmore Neighborhood Association is to unite the members in an effort to stabilize and improve the quality of living in the area and to encourage a neighborhood environment in which families and individuals can live in harmony and with mutual respect.

The Ardmore Neighborhood Association works to preserve the basically residential nature of the neighborhood; to discourage non-conforming property uses; to prevent further encroachment of industrial, commercial and high-density land uses; and to encourage residents to maintain and improve existing property. The ANA sponsors cultural and civic events, neighborhood meetings and presentations to educate the residents and to improve the quality of life. Ardmore Neighborhood Association board members and other volunteers take leadership roles in advocacy before the city/county planning board, city council and other governmental bodies when matters affecting the quality of life in Ardmore are being addressed.

Membership is open to any person over the age of 18 who resides or owns property in the “Greater Ardmore” area.

Very special appreciation is due to the business members of the Ardmore Neighborhood Association. Their sponsorship makes it possible for the ANA’s board and volunteers to be more effective in their work. The next time you shop or visit one of our business sponsors, please be sure to mention the Ardmore Neighborhood Association and thank them for their support.