Ardmore Remembers
Pot Luck and Story Telling Circles
Saturday, November 13
Redeemer Presbyterian Church
Youth Room-lower level
11:30 AM – 2:30 PM

Please join the Ardmore Neighborhood Association and Ardmore story-tellers who will tell of the time when the corner of Hawthorne and Miller was a corn field, about working at Ardmore School (now Redeemer Church) and about the formation and reformation of the ANA. Some will tell about hunting in Miller Park, caddying at the golf course and perhaps one will remember living in the Nurse’s Dorm at Baptist Hospital. Here is an opportunity to ask questions about the street you live on, perhaps even the house you live in, and what it was like to live and play in our neighborhood-past.

Event timeline:
11:30-Noon: Food will be set out and guests will be invited to start the meal lines.
12:30: Desserts and warm beverages will be set out and story-telling circles formed. Salem College students studying the collection of oral history will be on hand to record the stories as part of a class project. They will also transcribe the stories so we will have both an audio and written record of the event. We are still working on video recording the circles. Story-tellers will stay in one spot and others will be invited to move in and out of the circles.

12:30-2:30 PM: Story Time!

Contact Carol Eickmeyer at 722-7406 or

Ardmore Remembers

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