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The Ardmore Neighborhood Association membership boundaries are twice as large as the National Ardmore Historic District boundaries. The ANA includes over 4,300 households bounded roughly by Silas Creek Parkway, Bethesda Street, Queen Street, and Business 40. Membership is open to all individuals who reside or own property within the greater Ardmore area.

The Historic District includes over 2,000 homes within a smaller geographic range. (See side bar.) Our historic district is a National designation which means there are no district restrictions on what a home owner may do with their property unless they choose to apply for tax credits that may be available for restoration work. (Local historic districts, such as neighboring West End, do require application and approval from the local historic commission for work on a home, cutting down trees, and putting up fences.)

The ANA is a group of concerned citizens interested in the importance of community. Its purpose is to preserve the residential nature of the neighborhood, to discourage further encroachment of industrial, commercial, and high-density uses and to promote a sense of community and mutual help among residents.

ANA Membership Boundaries

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