To celebrate our centennial next year, the Ardmore Neighborhood Association is planning a home tour for Fall 2010, but we need your help…and your homes! Home tours in any historic neighborhood are always popular and it has been quite a while since Ardmore has hosted one of these events. It is fascinating to get a glimpse of the past through its architectural and decorative styles as well as to see how others have interpreted those features and added their own personality for today’s living. For those people that have lovingly (and sometimes bravely!) tackled a home restoration, it can be a source of joy and pride to share their hard work with friends and neighbors. Whatever your interest, we need volunteers to help plan and support this event and gracious neighbors who are willing to open their homes to the public for a few hours.

We will have an organizational meeting in early January (exact date/time/location TBD). I have heard from some of you already about helping with this or other social events for next year and will be in touch soon. We need many more volunteers, however, so please contact me if you are interested. If you are willing to help with smaller social events throughout the year, we need you as well! Finally, although our exact theme and criteria have not been set, I will also start accepting suggestions for homes to be displayed. Help us show off Ardmore’s first 100 years!

Patti Heath

ANA Social Chair


Let’s Tour Ardmore

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