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Ardmore Neighborhood Association Board

The Board is made up of volunteers who are here to serve the Ardmore Neighborhood Community.  The Board members below will serve from October 2011 to October 2012.

Tiffany White — President
OPEN — Vice President
Kristen Beavers — Secretary
Delana Reinard — Treasurer
Lonnie Clark — Ex-Officio President / Zoning
Patti Heath — Social Chair
Doris Kendrick — Historian
Ben White — Police Liaison
Ann Winters — Environmental Coordinator
Reggie Delahenty — Economic Development Coordinator
Laura Ferrell — Marketing Chair / Membership
Sarah Hahne –Non-Profit Liaison
Pauline Leggatt — At Large
Dianne Blancato — At Large
OPEN — Communications Coordinator
OPEN — Membership Coordinator
OPEN — Historic Preservation Coordinator

The Board of the ANA looks forward to serving the neighborhood in the coming year.  If you have any questions or concerns, or are interested in any of the open positions above, please contact us at ardmore@nullardmore.ws.

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