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The purpose of the Ardmore Neighborhood Association is to unite the members in an effort to stabilize and improve the quality of living in the area and to encourage a neighborhood environment in which families and individuals can live in harmony and with mutual respect.

The Ardmore Neighborhood Association works to preserve the basically residential nature of the neighborhood; to discourage non-conforming property uses; to prevent further encroachment of industrial, commercial and high-density land uses; and to encourage residents to maintain and improve existing property. The ANA sponsors cultural and civic events, neighborhood meetings and presentations to educate the residents and to improve the quality of life. Ardmore Neighborhood Association board members and other volunteers take leadership roles in advocacy before the city/county planning board, city council and other governmental bodies when matters affecting the quality of life in Ardmore are being addressed.

Membership is open to any person over the age of 18 who resides or owns property in the “Greater Ardmore” area.

Very special appreciation is due to the business members of the Ardmore Neighborhood Association. Their sponsorship makes it possible for the ANA’s board and volunteers to be more effective in their work. The next time you shop or visit one of our business sponsors, please be sure to mention the Ardmore Neighborhood Association and thank them for their support.

The Ardmore Neighborhood Association

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