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August 4, 2016 ANA Meeting Minutes

Present: Bonnie Crouse (President), Marlo Newman (Treasurer), Jordan Payne (Vice President), Andy Anderson (Secretary), Lyndia Cone, David Cone, Daniel Castro, Reggie Delahanty, Kathy Pearre

Called to order: 7:01 pm

Treasurer Report: Balance of $4,200.06 – same as last month

Mark Lively of the West End Association provided an update on West End zoning issues, specifically the Peters Creek Parkway revamp with the West End Marketplace Plaza. The West End Association is opposed to the development, as it would displace people living in area. The next meeting about this is the September 8th planning board meeting.

The Ardmore History book project (which includes involvement by Doris Kendrick, Carol Eickmeyer, Deborah Johnson Wood, Patti Heath, and Tiffany White) is proceeding. It may look to the ANA for help with fundraising.

The ANA will hold a leadership open house. We need volunteers to help out planning.

The board proposed to hold meeting at 7:00 pm and then open house at 7:30 pm.

Marlo asked for $200 for supplies for ice cream and supplies. The board approved the budget.

The annual meeting, scheduled for October 6, will be planned and led by Bonnie and Laura. The brief program is to include announcement about Ardmore history book project; president’s report to highlight accomplishments over the last year and mention what is coming up; concluding with an ice cream social. For the annual meeting, a budget of $400 was proposed and approved.

Jennie Schwartz brought forward a proposal to host a wellness class in Miller Park and has proposed doing the first event Sept. 24th. The board agreed to pay for the rental of the room at Miller Park.

The ANA will co-host a plant swap. We are working with sustainable Ardmore to host. It will be held October 29th at sustainable Ardmore from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm.

A budget of $50 for the plant swap was proposed and approved.

Membership committee: The email list has been uploaded into Mailchimp. Daniel and Reggie are running with sending out emails.

Minutes: Daniel made a motion to post the minutes ASAP and post previous minutes within 5 days. This was approved.

Meeting adjourned at 9:04 pm.

August 2016 Meeting Minutes

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