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November 3, 2016 ANA Meeting Minutes

Present: Daniel Castro (President), Marlo Newman (Treasurer), Jordan Payne (Vice President), Lyndia Cone, Bonnie Crouse, Laura Farrell, Lisa & Tom Kurczeka, Robert Newman, Lori Noel, Kathy Pearre, Charlie Whittington

Absent:  Andy Anderson (Secretary), Russ Dubois, Shelly Snider, David Cone

Call to Order: 7:00 pm

Daniel and Jordan welcomed everyone. Daniel’s goal for this year is growing our membership. He would like to hold 5-6 events for the community, have productive and focused board meetings, and committee heads. Daniel will email out the August meeting minutes so board members can vote on them.

The balance last month was $4,200.06 and after the annual event the balance is $3,902.84 per Marlo (Treasurer) and we currently have 113 members.

Bonnie worked with the planning board for opposing the new development. She represented the ANA in opposing the plan and the vote was a unanimous no. The developer will take it to the city council to see if it can be overridden. He wrote a request to withdraw. Dan Besse is staying informed on the outcome. The next meeting is 11/10/16 and Bonnie will be present to represent the ANA.

For Board communications, Daniel proposed that we use a listserv (group email list) to communicate. Laura made a motion to allow a $100 budget for Daniel and Kandi to set this up. Bonnie seconded the motion and it was approved by all members of the board.

The next event that will be held by the ANA will be on Dec. 18th from 5-7 pm. It will consist of the ANA members and board Christmas caroling in Ardmore, dressed up as elves, Santa, etc., and cookies to hand out with membership papers to our Ardmore neighbors. Robert made a motion to hold the event and Charlie seconded the motion. All board members approved.

Laura asked for clarification about the ANA’s involvement with the Ardmore History Project. Bonnie (past ANA president) clarified there is no current agreement with the Ardmore History Project and that the people involved are current members and past members. If the ANA is approached by the group making the book, then we will then decide our involvement and support.

Daniel appointed committee chairs:

  • Events: Marlo Newman and Kathy Pearre
  • Zoning: Jordan Payne
  • Crime: David Cone
  • Membership: Laura Ferrell and Tom Kurczeka
  • Marketing/PR: Russ Dubois and Robert Newman
  • IT/Social Media: Kandi Villano
  • Fundraising: Bonnie Crouse

Tom motioned to end meeting at 7:55pm and Rob seconded the motion. Meeting adjourned.

November 2016 Meeting Minutes

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