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This list is arranged alphabetically by street. The information in this inventory list is based on the 2000 – 2002 survey of the area conducted by neighborhood volunteers led by Sherry Joines Wyatt. The inventory list is organized alphabetically by street and numerically by house number. Houses built before 1956 were researched in the city directories in an effort to determine the original occupant. The dates for these properties are based on their first appearance in the city directory. Buildings not appearing in the 1956 City Directory were given estimated construction dates. All properties are designated as contributing (C) or non-contributing (NC) to the district. Contributing properties were constructed prior to 1956. They retain sufficient integrity of design, setting, materials, workmanship, feeling, and association to contribute to the historic character of the district. Properties built after 1956, are non-contributing due to age. In some cases, properties built prior to 1956 have lost their architectural integrity because of substantial additions or alterations that are incompatible with their historic character.

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Ardmore Historic District Inventory Narrative (ms-word)

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