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Ardmore is the largest historic district in Winston-Salem, and it is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. The ANA obtained this designation for the neighborhood in 2004. Markers have since been installed throughout the district to identify the area. Many thanks to Carol Eickmeyer for her hard work to make these signs a reality.

Ardmore resident Karen Day produced the marker design, which is in the Art Deco style that was popular in the early 20th century. The signs are double sided and made of up 5 separate pieces. The face of the sign (shown below) is copper with black lettering. This is framed by 4 pieces of 1/4″ aluminum that are painted black and features a cutout design, in keeping with the Art Deco style. The post is a 2.5″ square, hollow piece of aluminum.

The Historic Ardmore Committee worked diligently to ensure the street markers highlighting Ardmore’s historic status were well placed and met the city’s requirements. These markers are a distinctive addition to our neighborhood that speaks to our era of significance. They have been installed throughout Ardmore at the following locations:

  1. NW corner of Corona and Seneca, facing Seneca
  2. SW corner of Academy and Sunset, facing Academy
  3. NE corner of Elizabeth and Lockland Park
  4. SE corner of Lockland and Ardsley
  5. Hawthorne and Brantley in the traffic island
  6. Miller Street, at Redeemer Presbyterian Church
  7. SE corner of Rosewood and Miller, facing Miller
  8. SE corner of Hawthorne and Queen near Baptist Hospital
  9. Corner of Magnolia and Hawthorne, facing Hawthorne
  10. NE corner of Queen and Knollwood, facing Knollwood
  11. NW corner area of Cloverdale and Magnolia, facing Cloverdale
  12. Westover and Miller Park playing fields, on the way to the playground

Marker Design:

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