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Welcome to the Ardmore History Project!

The Ardmore History Project seeks to connect our Ardmore family, past and present.   Our goal is to create a permanent archive culminating in a celebratory history that shares memories and photographs and tells the story of Ardmore’s place in our city and the American Dream.

Volunteers are needed to:

  • Collect oral histories
  • Uncover  lost photographs
  • Network with current and former residents and the community
  • Research our past
  • Organize  materials and resources


OCTOBER 13 & 20, Highland Presbyterian Activity Building,  6-8PM

We need volunteers to help interview current and former residents.  This training will teach you how to interview and gather these wonderful stories as well as instruct you on the necessary technologies and processes to properly document for permanent archive.

If you want to get involved in this exciting project, please contact

  • Doris Kendrick – 336-721-0744
  • Patti Heath – 336-918-6926,  heathkp@nullbellsouth.net

We are getting starting this effort so please check back for updates!!




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