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Present: Julie Magness, Candy Wood, Pauline Leggatt, Carol Eickmeyer, Mary Ann Myers, Sean Ervin, Robin Fulk, Scott Breining, Brenda Jo Breining

Absent: Jennifer Redd, Jill Crouse, David Archer, David Lane, Cheryl & Rick Schum, Patti Sturdy, Diana Halstead, Jeff Morgan

Call to Order: 7:30PM
Quorum was met.

Minutes from the meeting of November 11, 2003 were distributed and accepted.


1. Treasurer’s Report: $11,191.39 as of November 28, 2003.

2. Membership report: There are currently 214 members paid and 616 members in the database.

3. Home Tour update: No date has been set. Candy Wood has 3 or 4 potential homes and will give those addresses to Patti Sturdy. The committee will set the criteria for homes as well as the number of homes to be on the tour.

4. Gateway Update: Jennifer had a meeting with Moore School about the Moore/Queen St. gateway scheduled for last month. This meeting was postponed until January. Historical district marker designs are expected in January.

5. Traffic calming: A 2nd meeting concerning the Lockland Ave. calming measures (reflectors and striping) now in place is to occur on 12/10/03. The city staff has finished analyzing all the data and is in the process of finishing up the final report for the Rosewood section. Brenda Breining should be contacted soon to set up a meeting to discuss the findings and possible solutions. Data collection is currently underway in the Irving/Fenimore area as well as the Miller Street section.

6. Bill Tribby Appreciation: A motion was passed to send Bill Tribby a letter of appreciation for doing a great job planting and maintaining the beautiful garden island at the intersection of Hawthorne and Brantley. Mr. Tribby won a City Beautification Award for his work.

7. NCSA Housing Issues: The school has sent a letter out to at least 1 of its rental properties highlighting ANA’s concerns and encouraging students to be good neighbors.

8. 1051 S. Hawthorne Rd.: Julie received a letter from Nancy Mancini, the property owner stating she will improve the situation, but won’t commit to not taking in any more dogs. As of two weeks ago Ms. Mancini had six dogs and has had as many as 13 in the past.

9. St. Timothy’s: A motion was made and accepted to send St. Timothy’s a letter of thanks for their hosting our annual meeting in October.

10. Miller Park Playground: Linda Pass wants to raise money to expand the playground in Miller Park. She also wants to see if city employees will install the equipment for free. She wants to know if the ANA will put its name behind her fund raising effort. Todd Barr, the manager at Miller Park, has stated that he has never had a request for more playground equipment. A motion was made to have Ms. Pass make a proposal to the ANA after speaking to Mr. Barr. This proposal is to include costs, installation requirements, and the city’s ability to install any equipment purchased.

11. Zoning: A motion was made and passed to create a subcommittee to look at Ardmore cluster rentals and individual homes for code violations. The committee will be in touch with Marty Rothrock, the City Housing Supervisor. The subcommittee will be Pauline Leggett, Robin Fulk, Scott Breining, and Julie Magness. Also, this subcommittee has the potential to find houses that qualify for the Rebuilding Together program that was discussed last month.

12. Website: Sean Ervin spoke about reorganizing and updating the ANA website. Mr. Ervin will talk to Clark Harper, current website manager. The main goal of upgrading the website is to make the ANA reachable to Ardmore citizens. Ideas for the website included: posting of upcoming events; posting of board meeting minutes; an “opinions” page and a site to post witnessed activities (good and bad) open to all Ardmore citizens; posting the police report that Mary Anne Myers will be receiving bi-weekly; a yard sale page; potential email addresses and links for boards officers, board members, committee chairmen and the webmaster. It is unclear as to how careful we need to be on the website. Sean will talk to David Archer, board member and attorney, about this concern. Rick Schum will be working with Sean on the website upgrade. A motion was made and passed via email on November 16, 2003 to spend $72 per year on a server.

13. Newsletter: Robin and Jennifer are going to meet with Doris Kendrick, former board member and newsletter editor to tap her knowledge and experiences. The next newsletter is due out at the end of January or beginning of February.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:20PM

Respectfully submitted,

Brenda Jo Breining, ANA Board Member

Minutes for the Ardmore Neighborhood Association meeting of December 9, 2003

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