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Present: Julie Magness, Jennifer Redd , Candy Wood, Pauline Leggatt, David Lane, Mary Ann Myers, Sean Ervin, Patti Sturdy, Diana Halstead, Scott Breining, Brenda Jo Breining

Absent: Jill Crouse, David Archer, Cheryl & Rick Schum, Robin Fulk, Jeff Morgan, Carol Eickmeyer

Guests: Linda Pass, Marty Rothrock, Sam Felix

Call to Order: 7:30PM
Quorum was met.

Minutes from the meeting of December 9, 2003 were distributed and accepted.


1. Treasurer’s Report: $11,511.39 as of December 31, 2003.

2. Membership report: There are currently 220 members paid and more than 600 members in the database. Board members volunteered to phone former ANA members to remind them that their dues are currently unpaid.

3. Welcoming Committee: One-third of the welcoming committee members report they have distributed welcome packets to a total of 35 homes. Help is needed in locating and reporting new renters and new residents who bought “For Sale by Owner” homes.

4. Home Tour update: The first meeting for this committee was held on January 15th. The committee is looking for 8 houses and has set the tour date tentatively for the first weekend in May.

5. Traffic calming: A meeting with city staff has been set for January 27th concerning the Rosewood section and possible calming measures. No other news concerning was Lockland Ave. section, Irving/Fenimore area or the Miller Street section.

6. Newsletter: Jennifer and Robin are holding a meeting on January 20th to discuss ideas for the next newsletter that will be coming out the first part of February.

7. WS Neighborhood Alliance: Jennifer attended the meeting on December 10th. The main item discussed was the businesses currently in a building on the 500 block of Trade St. This building is being sold and the current tenants cannot afford the higher rents that will be required of them. Also, there is talk that the Sawtooth Center will be relocated to this building, displacing the current tenants anyway.

8. Crime report: The crime report generated by the WSPD for Ardmore will be posted on the new website.

9. Website: The new website is almost ready to replace the old site. The address will continue to be www.ardmore.ws. The site can have a public forum (message board) without risk of liability to the board. Any liability would go to the person posting the message. A unanimous motion was approved to go live with the website as soon as possible.

10. NCSA Housing Issues: NCSA students are back from winter break and no complaints have been voiced concerning their conduct in the Ardmore community.

11. Ardmore United Methodist Church: The church now owns 5 houses in a row along Academy Street.

12. Miller Park Playground: Linda Pass wants to raise money to expand the playground in Miller Park, specifically the equipment for preschool-aged children. Ms. Pass discussed the prices of equipment with the board. A story will be written for the upcoming newsletter. Ms. Pass will put together a letter mentioning what equipment is wanted and the target date for purchasing it. The board is allowing checks collected to be made out to the ANA and we will keep track of funds collected for Ms. Pass. Julie talked to Tim Grant, the head of the Parks & Recreation Department, and he believes the city will agree to install the equipment for free. Those board members participating in the membership phone campaign were asked to mention the playground equipment fundraising event.

13. Marty Rothrock, City Housing Services: The following are highlights from Ms. Rothrock’s discussion with the ANA:

*When phoning in a complaint or concern to the Housing Authority a citizen can remain anonymous, if desired.

*It is the business owner’s/homeowner’s responsibility to clean up to the street pavement.

*In the warmer months dog waste must be cleaned up at least once per DAY. In colder months it must be collected three times per week.

*Things that violate housing codes include: broken windows, badly peeling paint, gutters falling of the house, gutters that are overly full, major cracks in home foundations, grass that is more than 8” tall, fire hazards, untrimmed shrubbery that catches garbage.

*Once a house has been issued a vacate/repair order the owner has one year to make repairs before the house is subject to demolition.

*Cars left on the street for 7 days without being driven are considered abandoned and citizens can call the city to come and tag the car, giving the owner another 7 days to take care of it. After that 7 days, the car will be towed to the impound lot. This applies to all cars, even those with current registrations.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:25PM

Respectfully submitted,

Brenda Jo Breining, Acting Secretary, ANA

Minutes for the Ardmore Neighborhood Association meeting of January 13, 2004