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Minutes for the Ardmore Neighborhood Association meeting of June 8, 2004

Present: Julie Magness, Jennifer Redd, David Lane, Robin Fulk, Mary Ann Myers, Diana Halstead, Scott Breining, Brenda Jo Breining

Absent: Jill Crouse, Jeff Morgan, Sean Ervin, Patti Sturdy, David Archer, Carol Eickmeyer, Candy Wood, Pauline Leggatt

Call to Order: 7:40PM
Minutes from the meeting of May 11, 2004 were distributed and accepted.


1. Treasurer’s Report: $12,282.34 as of April 30, 2004. No update was available.

2. Membership report: There are currently 275 members paid and 590 members in the database.

3. Newsletter: The next newsletter will be sent the last week in June—in time for the July 4th picnic. Deadline for submitting articles to Jennifer is June 15th.

4. 4th of July Picnic: The picnic will go from 11:30AM until 2PM. David Lane is going to set up a table for membership, historical district and Miller Park playground information.

5. Checking Account Minimum: A motion was made and passed to maintain a minimum balance of $2000 in the ANA checking account. Going below this amount from now on will take another motion by the board.

6. Yard Stakes: The board passed a motion to purchase 100 more yard stakes.

7. A motion was made and approved to reimburse Jennifer for a printer ink cartridge.

8. Ardmore 5K: The Ardmore 5K and Fun Run will be held in November. Jennifer will be in charge of getting prizes and other information for the fun run which is held before the 5K race. Mary Ann will be our Police Liaison. The proceeds from the 5K go to Habitat for Humanity.

9. Zoning: A motion was made and passed to support the city-employee planning staff recommendation for UDO118 (Land Use). This is also the WS Neighborhood Alliance’s decision as it feels the city employees plan was watered down by the city planning board. The city’s website (www.cityws.org) has a slide show available to everyone showing buildings and land that would pass and fail the major points of UDO-118.

10. Historic District: Jennifer found one place online that makes historical district markers—Southwell Company. Jennifer estimates the markers will be $1000-1200 each. The markers will probably be installed by the City of Winston Salem since most will be on city-owned right-of-ways.

The ANA is considering getting a booklet of the information on each house that is considered contributing to the historical designation made for purchase by homeowners and others interested.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:05PM

Respectfully submitted,

Brenda Jo Breining, Acting Secretary, ANA

ANA Board Meeting Minutes of June 8, 2004

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