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Minutes for the Ardmore Neighborhood Association meeting of July 13, 2004

Present: Julie Magness, Jennifer Redd, David Lane, Robin Fulk, Mary Ann Myers, Diana Halstead, Sean Ervin, Carol Eickmeyer, Candy Wood, Pauline Leggatt, Scott Breining, Brenda Jo Breining

Absent: Jill Crouse, Jeff Morgan, Patti Sturdy, David Archer

Guests: Linda Pass, Bonnie King, Connie Woosley

Call to Order: 7:36PM
Minutes from the meeting of June 8, 2004 were distributed and accepted.


1. Treasurer’s Report: $17,793.60 as of June 30, 2004.

2. Membership report: There are currently 284 members paid and 591 members in the database.

3. Resignation: Jill Crouse’s resignation as Secretary and board member was approved. Brenda Breining was approved to be secretary through October’s annual meeting.

4. 4th of July Picnic: Miller Park Picnic Shelter info for next year: Shelter #1—level from parking lot, has water spigots, covered area for people to eat. Shelter #10—good for parades and games; bad for those needing a very short walk. Shelter #8—near softball field and playground, but difficult to get to for those needing easy access.

5. Review of Political Advertising: The ANA position on political advertising will remain the same through this political season: board members may have signs in their yards, the ANA will not accept ads for newsletters, and no member may put “ANA Board Member” after his/her name in any Letter to the Editor.

6. Website: When someone posts a story or minutes, an email will be sent to everyone in the website database. Right now it wouldn’t be more than a couple a week. If we start getting more than that, the ANA will reconsider sending every posting to everyone. Also, Sean wants photos to put on the website. The board wants to put the houses that were in this past Home Tour on instead of just generic images.

7. Operation Impact: Operation Impact is now being spread throughout the city and has been given legal status. The ANA is in support of the program and will be coming up with a process to do so at next month’s meeting.

8. A new state law has been passed stating that homes put on the city’s demolition list will be demolished in six months, not one year, as before

9. Zoning: UDO-118 is still in progress. A decision is approximately 60 days away.

10. Annual Meeting: Jennifer is going to try to get the annual meeting scheduled at Temple Emanuel on October 14th or 21st. Redeemer Presbyterian Church will be an alternate choice if Temple Emanuel is unavailable.

The board approved having a panel of speakers including a home inspector, a lawn and garden expert, a real estate agent and a home repair specialist. Each speaker would get a few minutes to talk about Ardmore and then there would be a Q&A session open to all attending the meeting. Jennifer is going to ask David Bare to be the lawn and garden expert. Brenda is going to talk to John Woodmansee, a local home inspector.

Jennifer, Julie and Diana are accepting nominations for potential new board members. Each member would serve a 2-year term beginning in November.

11. Historic District: Federal approval for the Ardmore Historic District should be coming in August.

12. Playground Equipment: On July 21st there will be a meeting at 2425 Westfield Ave. to plan the silent auction fundraiser that will be held at St. Timothy’s Church on September 18th. Donations from businesses and individual talents are needed so the goal of $10,000 can be reached. Anyone with info on possible donations can contact Linda Pass at LPASS@nullarcadis-us.com

13. Piedmont Area Regional Transit (PART): Federal funding is in place for a fastrail train going from Clemmons to Burlington. This train would go through Winston-Salem on the track that goes along Stratford Road. Three tracks at ground level would be built and it’s possible side streets and the mall entrances on Stratford Road would be closed.

14. Keep Winston-Salem Beautiful needs people to plant and maintain beds throughout the city. Anyone interested should contact the city.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:10PM

Respectfully submitted,
Brenda Jo Breining, Secretary, ANA

Minutes of ANA Board Meeting from July 13, 2004

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