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Minutes for the Ardmore Neighborhood Association meeting of September 14, 2004

Present: Julie Magness, Jennifer Redd, David Lane, Robin Fulk, Mary Ann Myers, Diana Halstead, Sean Ervin, Carol Eickmeyer, Pauline Leggatt, Scott Breining, Brenda Jo Breining

Absent: Jeff Morgan, Patti Sturdy, David Archer, Candy Wood

Guests: Phyllis Newman, Connie Woosley, Virginia Lowe

Call to Order: 7:36PM
Minutes from the meeting of July 13, 2004 were distributed and accepted.


1. Treasurer’s Report: $16,957.65 as of July 30, 2004. Approximately $13,000 of this treasury is for Historical District markers. Pauline will be posting exact ledger details as a separate document on the website in the near future.

2. Membership report: There are currently 286 members paid and 590 members in the database.

3. Resignation: Jeff Morgan’s resignation as a board member was approved.

4. Non-profit status: The Board debated about whether or not the ANA can be a non-profit organization. It’s been understood that the ANA is not permitted to be a Federal non-profit 501(c)3 organization. The Ardmore Historic District would be eligible for this status if so desired. Research will continue on the subject. Julie is going to investigate the differences between state and Federal not-for-profits.

5. Double signature on checks: A motion was made and unanimously passed to continue requiring a single signature on checks and having all officers able to perform this function.

6. Privacy policy of ANA members’ database: The ANA will continue to keep its database private. A motion was made and unanimously passed to have the Executive Committee write a formal Privacy Policy for the ANA. The Executive Committee consists of the current President, Vice-President(s), Secretary, Treasurer, and the most recent past President.

7. Policies and Procedures: A motion was made and unanimously passed to have the Executive Committee draft a document defining standard Policies and Procedures. This document will not alter the organization’s by-laws.

8. Clarification on ANA use of public right-of-ways: In Winston-Salem it is illegal to post signage anywhere in the public right-of-ways. A motion was made and unanimously passed to reaffirm the ANA follow this law and not put signs that advertise our events on telephone poles and roadside right-of-ways.

9. Yard stake and cooler rental: A motion was made and unanimously passed to make ANA-owned yard stakes and drink coolers available for lending to paid ANA members. A check for the value of the items is to be used as a deposit. Return of the items must occur within 48 hours of the completion of the event or the deposit will be forfeited. Julie Magness volunteered to take responsibility for this task for the 2004-2005 ANA year.

10. Historic District celebration: Two events are planned for the Historic District—both as celebrations and one as a one as a fundraiser:

On November 13, 2004 there will be an “Ardmore Remembers” celebration at Redeemer Church following the Ardmore 5K. Ardmore residents will share stories of Ardmore, how it has changed and what it was like to live here years ago. This event is likely to have a catered lunch available.

In the spring of 2005 there is a Garden and Garage Tour planned as a fundraiser for Historic District markers. The committee, co-chaired by Carol Eickmeyer and Clark Harper, will feature tours of Ardmore gardens and garages, and potentially garage sales and music by garage bands.

11. 250th Anniversary of the Wachovia Tract celebration: This celebration will also take place on the weekend of November 13th. Plans are still evolving and currently planned events can be seen on the city’s web page: www.cityofws.org.

12. Newsletter deadline: The deadline for submissions for the next newsletter is October 3rd. Submissions can be sent to Jennifer Redd. The newsletter will be out 10-14 days before the ANA annual meeting.

13. Annual Meeting: The ANA annual meeting is scheduled to take place at Temple Emanuel on October 21st.

A panel of speakers has been selected. David Bare, a lawn and garden expert, Andy Hilton, a local home inspector, and Realtors Patti Sturdy and Pauline Leggatt will speak on their specialties and be available for a Q&A session.

Current Board Members up for a 2-year term renewal are Robin Fulk, Sean Ervin and Julie Magness. New board members to be nominated for a 2-year term beginning in November are Phyllis Newman, Connie Woosley, Bonnie King and Linda Pass. (NOTE: The ANA is always looking for new, motivated Board Members and will consider others throughout the year).

Officers to be nominated for the 2004-2005 term are:
President: Jennifer Redd
Vice-Presidents: Robin Fulk and Mary Ann Evans
Secretary: Brenda Jo Breining
Treasurer: Pauline Leggatt

A motion was made and passed 7 to 1 to make a $30 donation to Temple Emmanuel’s Outreach fund.

14. Gateway: Due to unforeseen complexities, the grant received from the City of Winston Salem could not be used in the allotted time. Jennifer Redd will write a letter to the city explaining the circumstances and offer to return the check. David Bare has offered to supply some plants free of charge, and will help as needed.

15. Thank-you notes: A motion was made and unanimously passed to send thank-you notes to people who make donations earmarked for specific purposes such as to the playground equipment fund or historical district marker fund.

16. Operation Impact (OI): Julie created a rough draft of the ANA’s potential to get involved with OI. The ANA is to look this over and make changes at the November board meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:23PM

Respectfully submitted,
Brenda Jo Breining, Secretary, ANA

Minutes from the September 14, 2004 ANA Board Meeting