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One of the great things about this neighborhood is the number of people who have lived here a long time. They remember swimming in Miller Park, walking to Ardmore School, living in the Nurses building at Baptist Hospital, buying milk and bread at the little groceries that used to be scattered throughout the neighborhood and lots of other interesting things. To celebrate receiving our Historic Designation, we’re inviting them to gather and tell stories at a carry-in, pot luck lunch Saturday, Novemeber 13 at 11:30 at Redeemer Church (the old Ardmore School) after the Ardmore 5K and Fun Run. You’re invited to bring a dish to share and hear the stories and maybe tell a few of your own. If you know someone who should be a featured storyteller, please call Doris Kendrick at 721.0744 or Carol Eickmeyer at 722.7406. If you can help us get the stories recorded on either audio or video tape, please call Carol or send e-mail to carol@nullclarkwork.org.

Ardmore Remembers – Let’s Celebrate! – November 13

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