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Minutes for the Ardmore Neighborhood Association meeting of January 11, 2005

Present: Jennifer Redd, Mary Ann Myers, Phyllis Newman, Bonnie King, Julie Magness, Candy Wood, Patti Sturdy, Scott Breining, Brenda Jo Breining

Absent: Diana Halstead, Sean Ervin, Pauline Leggatt, Connie Woosley, David Lane, Robin Fulk, Linda Pass, David Archer

Guests: Clark Harper, Tom Dalrymple

Call to Order: 7:35PM
Minutes from the meeting of November 10, 2004 were distributed and accepted.


1. Treasurer’s Report: $22,131.92 as of December 31, 2004.

2. Membership report: There are currently 175 members paid and 639 members in the database.

3. Crime/Safety/Public Health report: Phone calls and complaints have been coming in to various board members about mice and rats being seen in yards. Phyllis is going to look into this situation and will try to get some answers from the city.

Mary Ann circulated the current crime report for our neighborhood.

4. IRS Status Report: The ANA is a 501(c)4. We had our non-profit status suspended sometime back because the IRS and NC Department of Taxation couldn’t make contact with anyone. We have received a letter from the IRS outlining how to have our status renewed. It is necessary for us to update our registered agent and agent’s street address with the NC Secretary of State’s office as well. All of the requirements have been met and paperwork has been submitted to both agencies. A motion was made and passed to have Jennifer Redd, current ANA President, act as the registered agent, with her street address as the registered office (a street address is required) and to have the PO Box listed as our mailing address.

5. Zoning Report: The “Rooms for Rent” sign has come down from 711 Miller Street and the owners have told the city they will not rent in such a manner. The city’s Inspections Division will continue to monitor the house.

Ardmore Baptist Church (ABC) received a 1988 parking variance for 1,000 sanctuary seats. The new sanctuary site plan was reduced from 846 to 820 due to the 45 parking spaces that were lost from the site with the 2002 sanctuary and classroom construction. (The loss of these spaces was not part of the 1988 variance.) The Chinese Christian Church currently using the old sanctuary for its services has recently decided to worship at the same time as ABC. The old sanctuary has the ability to seat up to 250 parishioners, bringing the total possible number of parishioners in the church on Sunday mornings up to over 1000. The City Inspections department is currently waiting to hear from the City lawyer on the how this situation can be adjusted to comply with the zoning law.

6. WSNA: The Winston-Salem Neighborhood Alliance was going to be holding its monthly meeting this week. One of the items on the agenda was Forsyth Country Club wanting to take part of Shaffner Park in order to increase its driving range. FCC is willing to provide the city with some improvements to the park.

7. Garage/Garden Tour Update: Clark Harper gave the Board an update on the upcoming Garage/Garden Tour. The tour will be June 4th (Rain Date: June 5th). The committee has received numerous offers from bands, car clubs and other organizations to participate in the tour and is in the process of deciding what (and who) it wants at the different venues. The committee is also looking for gardens to feature on the tour. More info can be found at www.ardmoregaragetour.com. Jennifer will be presenting a contract of support or sponsorship to the Board at next month’s meeting.

8. Budget: Jennifer will have a revised operating budget emailed to Board members by Monday, January 17th.

9. Garden Panel: A meeting is going to be held March 3rd at 7PM at St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church with David Bare and other guests to discuss gardening in Ardmore and to kick-off the Ardmore Garden Club. A motion was made and passed to charge admission rates of $2 for ANA members and $5 for non-members.

10. Welcoming Committee: Patti is in need of volunteers to help her distribute Welcoming Packets. The board unanimously approved a motion to allow Patti to mail packets when she has no volunteers to help her distribute them. The advertising money she takes in for the packets will more than cover postage.

11. Newsletter: The deadline for submitting articles for the next newsletter is February 1st. They will be mailed the week of February 7th. Jennifer will be in touch with people about folding and delivering them.

12. Quarterly Social Meeting: The next quarterly social meeting will be set up by Mary Ann.

13. Traffic Calming: Mary Ann is interested in getting traffic “calmed” in her neighborhood (Academy Street near the Ardmore Fire Station). Brenda will email her this week with info on how to start the process with the City of W-S

The meeting was adjourned at 8:56PM

Respectfully submitted,
Brenda Jo Breining, Secretary, ANA

Minutes from the ANA Board Meeting of January 11, 2005

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