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Ardmore Neighborhood Association
Board Meeting
Miller Park Recreation Center

March 8, 2005

Call to Order
Introduction of Guests

Membership Report – Julie (Robin on temporary leave)
Treasury Report – Pauline
Secretary’s Report – Brenda
*Minutes from last meeting

Garden Panel Report – Jennifer
* Possibility of another one late this summer?/Garden Club Interest

Block Captains – Jennifer
*Interest Level/Purpose
Quarterly Social Meeting – Jennifer
Newsletter – Jennifer
* Next one out around the first of May / New invoices will be sent out this week

Garage & Garden Tour Update – Bonnie & Candy

Web Site Report – Sean

Traffic Report – Brenda/Scott

Public Safety/Crime/Health – Mary Ann & Phyllis

Social Committee Report – Connie
*Possible Events (Ice Cream Social, 4th of July, Food Festival)

Playground Project Update – Linda

Zoning/Housing Report – Julie
? St. John’s Expansion Proposal
? Letter to area residents regarding a meeting
? Zoning Resolution
? Upcoming Planning Board and CC meetings
? WSNA Neighborhood Conference

Tax Credit Workshop – Jennifer/Julie
*May 12 at Ardmore Methodist Church

New Business
Old Business


March Meeting Agenda

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