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Minutes for the Ardmore Neighborhood Association meeting of April 12, 2005

Present: Jennifer Redd, Mary Ann Myers, Connie Woosley, Phyllis Newman, Bonnie King, Julie Magness, Tom Dalrymple, Diana Halstead, David Lane, David Archer, Scott Breining, Brenda Jo Breining

Absent: Linda Pass, Pauline Leggatt, Candy Wood, Robin Fulk, Sean Ervin

Guests: Bonnie Binkley, Virginia Lowe-Lane, Doug Cardwell, Steve Esparza

Call to Order: 7:30PM
Minutes from the meeting of March 8, 2005 were distributed and accepted.


1. Treasurer’s Report: $22,227.49 as of March 31, 2005.

2. Membership report: There are currently 233 members paid and 631 members in the database.

3. Playground Equipment: The WS Foundation has given the Playground Equipment fund a $20,000 grant from the Edna B. Park Georges Youth Fund. The project must utilize volunteer labor. The committee is trying to get Novant Health on board as a sponsor. Jennifer and Linda are meeting with Mayor Joines and Tim Grant from the Parks Dept to find out the status of park equipment and getting it installed.

4. Crime/Safety/Public Health report: Phyllis is still receiving calls from people with rat issues.

No crime report was available but several members discussed incidents seen and heard around their neighborhoods.

5. Zoning Report: St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church has demolished two of the houses that they own on Kenwood Street in preparation of constructing its new life center. A meeting was held with members of the church, neighbors, the ANA, Councilman Dan Besse, City employees Paul Norby and Ronnie Grubbs last week at Miller Park. The UDO for religious institutions was reviewed and neighbors asked questions of both the city and the church. St. John’s will not be asking for more parking spaces, so no permits or rezoning is needed at this time. St. John’s currently has 286 parishioners. There are no setbacks for AC/heat pump units, so if placed at ground level, the 15’ minimum does not include these units. The church has lead everyone to believe they will let the ANA and neighborhood know its final plans before any construction begins.
And, the neighbors of St. John’s are looking into permit parking and will investigate the possibility of closing off Kenwood Street at Silas Creek Pkwy.
Jennifer will contact the church and/or their representatives, and work as a liaison between the neighbors and ANA regarding possible concessions the church may be willing to make regarding placement of heating/air units, etc.

Also, the board approved a motion to support Sam Felix and his recommendation to submit the 400 block of Duke Street for Operation Impact.

6. Walgreens: The new Walgreen store (corner of Cloverdale Ave. and Miller Street) is hoping to open the first week in May. Steve Esparza, an employee at the new store and an Ardmore resident, came and will be bringing coupons to Jennifer for distribution.

7. Traffic: Mary Ann is still waiting to hear from Rodd Ring concerning traffic studies on her section of Academy Street.

An informal traffic count was done on Kenwood Street from 8:10AM to 8:25AM earlier this week. During this period 32 cars were counted coming down the street and pulling into St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church. The school day begins at 8:30AM there.

8. July 4th Picnic: Connie has reserved Miller Park Shelter #10 for the picnic. David L., Connie, Diana and Bonnie will be meeting soon to discuss the picnic.

9. Tax Credit Workshop: The ANA and City of W-S are co-sponsoring a city-wide tax credit workshop at 7PM on May 12th at Ardmore Methodist Church. Included will be sessions on filling out applications and examples of restorations that will be accepted for tax credits. A motion was approved to spend up to $50 on refreshments for this event.

10. Historic District Markers: The Historic District Marker Committee is in the process of designing a marker to be used in designating the boundaries of the Ardmore historic district. The marker will have a Craftsmen/Mission style design to them. Twelve possible marker sites have been located, although the number and location of the markers is still subject to change. Carol Eickmeyer is trying to get answers from the city regarding the installation of the markers.

11. Newsletter: The next newsletter will go out the first week in May. The deadline for submissions is April 22nd.

12. Quarterly Social Meeting: The next quarterly social meeting will be held April 28th at Mary Ann’s house on Academy Street. The focus of the meeting will be addressing the concerns of the people that live in this area.

14. Skateboard Park: David Lane is going to write a letter to the City supporting the idea of a skateboard park in the downtown section. The board will vote on the letter when it is presented to us, probably via email before the next meeting.

15. Board Member Resignation: Patti Sturdy has resigned from the ANA Board effective tonight. She will continue to head the Welcoming Committee.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:14PM

Respectfully submitted,
Brenda Jo Breining, Secretary, ANA

Minutes of ANA April 12, 2005 Meeting

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