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Minutes for the Ardmore Neighborhood Association meeting of July 19, 2005

Present: Jennifer Redd, Connie Woosley, Linda Pass, Pauline Leggatt, Bonnie King, Tom Dalrymple, Phyllis Newman, David Lane, Mary Ann Myers, Julie Magness, Brenda Jo Breining

Absent: Candy Wood, David Archer, Robin Fulk, Sean Ervin, Diana Halstead, Scott Breining

Guests: Patti Heath, Coordinator for the ANA Historic Celebration; Jim and Mary Jenkins, Vicki Bringas

Call to Order: 7:35PM
Minutes from the meeting of June 14, 2005 were distributed and accepted.


1. Treasurer’s Report: $22,391.89 as of June 30, 2005.

2. Membership report: As of July 19th there are currently 263 members paid.

3. Crime/Safety/Public Health report: Crime reports were circulated. Jennifer has volunteered to call the Winston-Salem Journal to find out about getting crime reports published.

One of the dogs at 1051 Hawthorne Road is under quarantine. It is known to kill small animals. The dog is a Shepherd/Rotweiler/Chow mix.

The City Council has approved $40,000 for baiting and trapping rats throughout the city.

4. Zoning Report: UDO 117 (Temporary Trailers or Pods Near Residences) is on a timeline track to be voted on by the City Council in the early winter.

5. Hope Lodge: Jennifer has been asked to join the committee for the Hope Lodge being built in Winston-Salem. She has accepted the invitation. Website for Hope Lodges:

6. Newsletter: The next newsletter will be printed in late August. This is the annual mass mailing, so it has to be sent to the sorting facility for distribution. In order to have it in homes in time for the late-September chicken stew fundraiser, the deadline for getting articles to Jennifer is late August.

7. Website: A motion was made and accepted to renew the Ardmore.ws website domain for five years at $19.99/year. Jennifer is using her credit card to renew and will be reimbursed.

8. July 4th Picnic: Approximately 75 to 90 people attended the picnic this year. The idea of forgoing the 4th of July picnic for another event to be held in the fall was mentioned. A motion was made and passed to table this idea until 2006.

9. Garden Club: The first meeting will be held in mid-August. David Bare has agreed to act as our local expert. Contact person: Elisa Lovette at 721-0383.

10. Historic District Markers and Celebration: The celebration for the Historic District is scheduled for October 15th at Miller Park. Information packets are ready to go to local businesses in an effort to get donations of prizes and cash.

Raffle tickets will go on sale on September 1st.

Jennifer is going to email Sean about setting up a link on the ANA website that will let people get more information about the celebration.

11. Playground Equipment: The group is hoping to attract people interested in selecting equipment to the next meeting at 7 PM on Thursday August 4th at 2425 Westfield Avenue.

Two fund raisers are going to be held to raise more money for playground equipment. On July 23rd there will be a yard sale fundraiser for the Playground Project at 2528 Westover Ave (Jim Jenkins’ residence). And in mid-September there is going to be a “chicken stew” and marshmallow roast, with children’s music, at Miller Park, hosted by Deanna and Chris Burris. Tickets will be pre-sold for this event. The Playground Committee is hoping to raise $10,000 more before purchasing equipment.

12. Annual Meeting: The date for the annual meeting has been tentatively set for Thursday, October 13th. The board is seeking Ardmore residents who would like to become board members and/or officers.

13. Ardmore 5k: The Ardmore 5k is scheduled for October 29th at Redeemer Church.

14. WSNA: The WSNA is writing a grant proposal to the WS Foundation for funds to bring Randall Arendt into town and have him tell how we can develop land without clear-cutting it. Arendt is a well-renowned land use planner and site designer who advocates conservation of natural resources. Winston Salem is the only large city in NC without a tree ordinance in place. A tree ordinance (UDO-122) has been written, but not approved by the City Council.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:05PM

Respectfully submitted,
Brenda Jo Breining, Secretary, ANA

Minutes for the ANA meeting of June 14, 2005

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