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Minutes for the Ardmore Neighborhood Association meeting of August 10, 2005

Present: Jennifer Redd, David Archer, Pauline Leggatt, Phyllis Newman, Mary Ann Myers, Scott Breining, Brenda Jo Breining

Absent: Candy Wood, Robin Fulk, Julie Magness, David Lane, Sean Ervin, Diana Halstead, Bonnie King, Tom Dalrymple, Connie Woosley, Linda Pass,

Guests: Carol Eickmeyer, ANA Historic Celebration Committee; Councilman Dan Besse

Call to Order: 7:35PM


1. Treasurer’s Report: $16,415.87 as of July 29, 2005. We have written a check to Kaplan’s for $5,610, the funds we were holding for the Playground Project.

2. Membership report: There are currently 254 members paid and 623 current or lapsed members in our database.

3. Crime/Safety/Public Health report: No crime reports were available. Jennifer will call the Winston-Salem Journal to find out about getting crime reports published.

4. Zoning Report: No report available this month.

5. Bed and Breakfast: A bed and breakfast will be going in at the intersection of Fenimore and Gaston pending a Planning Board review. No special permits are needed.

6. The Planner’s Commissioner’s Journal (PCJ): PCJ is going to start a website this fall: wholeneighborhoods.com
Ideas hoping to be covered include: the things that make neighborhoods “healthy” and how neighborhood associations can work with other organizations and governmental bodies.

7. Website: Clark Harper has paid the fee of $99.95 for keeping the ANA domain name for five more years. Pauline will issue a reimbursement check.

8. Ideas to Implement for Meetings: Adhering to a strict one-hour limit for meeting length, with the first 30 minutes being spent in small groups/committees.
Also, better agendas that provide people with information up front, making in unnecessary to repeat things or go into such detail. These ideas will be discussed at next month’s meeting.

9. Garden Club: The date for the first Garden Club is Monday, August 29th at 7:30PM at 2330 Rosewood Ave. David Bare has agreed to act as our local expert. Contact person: Elisa Lovette at 721-0383.

10. Historic District Markers and Celebration: Twelve sites at or near the perimeter of the Historic District have been approved by the city. The cost will be $750/marker plus the installation fees charged by the city. Markers are being made by Cassels Caywood Love in Winston-Salem. They will be two-sided and made from bronze. The sites and a picture of the marker follow these minutes.

The celebration for the Historic District is scheduled for October 15th at Miller Park. Two car clubs are coming. The committee is currently soliciting for prizes and sponsorships. Raffle tickets will be on sale around September 1st. The city has given the committee access to all of Miller Park for the day.

11. Playground Equipment: $2000 was raised at the yard sale held last month. The Chicken Stew has been canceled now that the committee has raised the money needed to get the equipment desired.

12. Annual Meeting: Due to Yom Kippur falling on October 13th, the annual meeting will be moved. Right now the board is considering Monday, October 10th. The Nominating Committee will be meeting on Tuesday, August 23rd at 8PM to discuss potential officers and board members for next year. Anyone interesting in becoming a board member or nominating someone for a board or officer position should contact Jennifer Redd-Lovette. We would particularly like to see new board members come from those areas of Ardmore currently not represented by the ANA.

13. Ardmore 5k: The Ardmore 5k is scheduled for October 29th at Redeemer Church.

14. WSNA: No report available.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:40PM

Respectfully submitted,
Brenda Jo Breining, Secretary, ANA

HD Marker Sites – 8/8/05

1 – NW corner of Corona & Seneca – facing Seneca

2 – SW corner of Academy & Sunset – facing Academy

3 – NE corner of Elizabeth & Lockland Park – angled to complement sign

4 – SE corner of Lockland & Ardsley

5 – Hawthorne & Brantley in the planted traffic island

6 – NE corner of Elgin & Miller – facing Miller

7 – SE corner of Queen & Miller – facing Miller

8 – SE corner of Hawthorne & Queen – Baptist Hospital area

9 – corner of Magnolia & Hawthorne – facing Hawthorne

10 – NE corner of Queen & Knollwood (Moore School) – facing Knollwood

11 – NW corner area of Cloverdale & Magnolia – facing Cloverdale

12 – Westover & Miller Park playing fields on the way to the playground

Minutes for the ANA meeting of August 10, 2005

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