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Ardmore Neighborhood Association

Minutes for November 8, 2005 Meeting

Present: Jennifer Redd, Linda Pass, Patti Heath, Julie Magness, Phyllis Newman, Tom Dalrymple, Brenda Jo Breining, Scott Breining, Bonnie King, Connie Crawford, David Lane

Absent: Pauline Leggatt

Call to Order: 7:56 PM
Minutes from September 2005 were distributed and approved.


Treasurer’s Report: Total funds as of 10/31/05 were $14,571.25. Deposits in the amount of $2,658.00 were made. Checks totaling $4,981.67 were dispersed.

Membership Report: Currently there are 657 members; 119 are paid through 2006, 285 are current in October.

Committee Reports: No committee reports this meeting. Committees will meet from 7:30 to 8:00 at each monthly meeting, beginning with November meeting.
Following is a rough outline of the proposed committees:
Zoning: Chair – Julie
Newsletter: Chair – Jennifer
Budget/Finance: Chair – Phyllis Members – Pauline, Tom (?)
Promotion: Chair – Jennifer
Welcoming: Chair -Bonnie
Historic District: Chair – Patti
Membership: Chair – Scott Members – Julie (?)
Police/Public Safety: Brenda and Phyllis
We will be confirming with members and completing this list at the December 13th meeting.

Board Members: The ANA board is officially open to new members for a couple of months.

Fall Festival Report: Patti Heath
A meeting was held Monday, November 8th to discuss the festival regarding what went well and what could have gone better for the purpose of planning for future festivals. It was a consensus that the festival was a huge success as a neighborhood social event. It was estimated that several hundred were in attendance.
The board had approved funds up to $2,000.00 for festival expenses with net proceeds being returned to the board treasury. Actual expenses were $1,619.00. Festival proceeds returned $1,398.00, resulting in a $221.00 deficit.

Playground Equipment: Linda Pass
Playground equipment was installed two weeks prior to this meeting. Approximately 75 people participated and volunteered. Cost for equipment so far has been $34,000.00. There are some upcoming unexpected expenses of approximately $4,600.00. There is still about $5,000.00 left in account. Handicapped swing is still on the wish list. The city of Winston-Salem will contribute mulch, fencing, painting of the racetrack, plastic retaining walls, and replacing of concrete where it is broken. Lockland Park is open and is being by Ardmore residents. Miller park will be open by this weekend, November 12-13.

Newsletter: Jennifer Redd
Pam Fish has agreed to do layout. Next issue will be delivered in early to mid December. Jennifer has requested ideas from board members for the newsletter.

Crime Report: Julie Magness
Recent home and car break-ins were discussed.

Zoning: Julie Magness
The Hawthorne Road B&B was approved by the zoning commission. No other zoning issues at this time.

Board Social: Quarterly socials for the board members and guests will begin after the holidays, the date and place for the first one to be determined at a later date.

New Business:
April 2006 is Organ Donor Awareness Month. There will be a parade down Hawthorne to raise awareness to the community.
Approximately 250 persons ran the 5K Race this year.
The City Historic Commission is seeking nominations for exemplary historic preservations to structures or for persons who have gone above and beyond in their efforts concerning the Historic District. There was a motion for the board to nominate Carol Eichmeyer. All voted yes.

Old Business:

Meeting Adjourned: 8:36 PM

Respectfully submitted,
Connie Crawford, Secretary, ANA

November 8, 2005 Board Meeting

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