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Ardmore Neighborhood Association

Minutes for January 10, 2006 Meeting

Present: Jennifer Redd, Linda Pass, Patti Heath, Julie Magness, Phyllis Newman, Tom Dalrymple, Brenda Jo Breining, Scott Breining, Bonnie King, Connie Crawford, Pauline Leggatt

Absent: David Lane

Call to Order: 7:30 PM
Minutes from December 2005 were distributed and approved.


Treasurer’s Report: Pauline Leggatt
Total funds as of 12/30/05 were $10,092.79 with approximately $4800-4900 yet to be distributed for Historic District markers.

Membership Report: Scott Breining
Currently there are 659 members; 141 are paid through 2006. Discussion was held concerning initiating a membership drive using postcards. Linda motioned, Scott seconded, all voted yes.

Newsletter: Jennifer Redd
Pam Fish has agreed to do layout. Advertising bills to be mailed by January 15th. Jennifer has requested ideas from board members for the newsletter.

Zoning: Julie Magness
Julie emailed Dan Besse concerning the noise ordinance, specifically regarding the PA system at St. John’s Lutheran Church, requesting suggestions to deal with it. There was also discussion among board members about the Winston-Salem noise ordinance in general not being enforced aggressively.

Crime Report: Julie Magness
Jennifer has emailed four people at the Winston-Salem Journal regarding publication of crime reports. She hasn’t yet heard back from them.
The “Duke Street Garage” has been shut down and the offender arrested after repeated warnings of the violation.

Historic District: Patti Heath
The Historic District markers have been ordered. The estimated date of delivery is unknown at this time.

Website: Patti Heath
Patti is currently working on updating the ANA website and is requesting ideas from the board members.

Playground: Linda Pass
Linda has suggested there be a Playground Celebration possibly around the middle to end of April, after Easter. Ardmore neighbors would be invited and refreshments would be served. The city hasn’t yet agreed to move the fence.

New Business:
There was discussion by the board to remove David Lane from the board due to lack of attendance and conduct unbecoming of a board member. Motion made by Linda, second made by Julie. Vote was passed with one member, Tom Dalrymple, abstaining. Jennifer will contact David Lane regarding decision.
Jerry Hunt is being recruited as a possible new board member.

Old Business:

Meeting Adjourned: 8:40 PM

Respectfully submitted,
Connie Crawford, Secretary, ANA

January 10, 2006 Board Meeting

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