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Ardmore Neighborhood Association

Minutes for December 13, 2005 Meeting

Present: Jennifer Redd, Patti Heath, Julie Magness, Phyllis Newman, Scott Breining, Bonnie King, Connie Crawford

Absent: Pauline Leggatt, Linda Pass, Tom Dalrymple, Brenda Jo Breining, David Lane

Call to Order: 7:35 PM
Minutes from November, 2005 were distributed and approved with a request to change “zoning commission” to “ZBA – Zoning Board of Adjusters”. Change has been made.


Treasurer’s Report: Total funds as of 11/30/05 were $14,615.79. This does not include a check written on 12/09 for $4653 (HD Markers) to Sign Masters.

Membership Report: Currently there are 663 members in the database; 125 are paid through 2006. Jennifer suggested we start a calling campaign to increase membership. There was discussion but no vote.

Committee Reports: No committee reports this meeting. Committees will meet from 7:30 to 8:00 at each monthly meeting
Members volunteered for the following committees: I apologize but I haven’t received a finalized committee member list.

Board Members: The ANA board is officially open to new members for a couple of months.

Newsletter: Jennifer Redd
Pam Fish has agreed to do layout. Next issue will be delivered in early to mid December. Jennifer has requested ideas from board members for the newsletter. Deadline is January 4th, 2006. Newsletter will go out following week. Received $395.00 quote from Burklee’s for next issue; 500 newsletters, light blue paper. Advertising is billed in first week of January. Advertisers will be rotated to equalize exposure.

Playground: Playground signs are in the process of being made.

Crime Report: Julie Magness
Continued rash of home break-ins or attempted break-ins – approximately 50 in a three week period. Scott Sexton is willing to spearhead a campaign to get crime info into the Winston-Salem Journal. Phyllis suggested that a letter be sent to each of the Chief of Police, Mayor, and City Commissioners. It is agreed among the board members that there is a lack of communication regarding timely and appropriate disclosure regarding criminal incidents and that it should be published in the paper.

Zoning: Julie Magness
We of the Ardmore Neighborhood Association board would like to extend our hearty thanks and appreciation to Julie Magness for her efforts that have gone above and beyond concerning the St. John’s Church and surrounding neighborhood zoning issue!

Julie distributed a zoning report. Please see attachments provided by Julie concerning current zoning issues.

There will be a Zoning Committee meeting on January 26th at Mary Harper’s home to discuss zoning issues. The address is 500 Miller Street and the meeting time is 7:00pm.

Kathy and Jeff Holden, Ardmore residents who are planning an addition to their house, have requested a zoning variance from the ZBA. David Lane appeared to speak against the variance. Mr. and Mrs. Holden have requested a letter from the board stating that Mr. Lane was not entitled to speak for the ANA. Mr. Lane did mention that he was a board member of the ANA but did not use that association to speak on behalf of the ANA. A letter has been drafted addressing the Holden’s concerns. A vote was requested to determine if letter should be sent. Motion to send letter made by Connie Crawford, second made by Bonnie King, vote passed with condition that letter be revised to board members’ satisfaction. Please see final draft of letter attached.

New Business:

Old Business:

Meeting Adjourned: 8:35 PM

Respectfully submitted,
Connie Crawford, Secretary, ANA

Board Meeting 2005-12-13