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Ardmore Neighborhood Association
Minutes for July 11, 2006 Meeting

Present: Jennifer Redd, Patti Heath, Phyllis Newman, Brenda Jo Breining, Scott Breining, Bonnie King, Connie Crawford

Absent: Pauline Leggatt, Tom Dalrymple, Linda Pass

Call to Order: 7:30 PM
June minutes will be distributed at the August meeting.


Treasurer’s Report: Pauline Leggatt
Total funds in bank as of June 31, 2006 are $4612.63. Information relayed by Brenda. Pauline absent.

Membership Report: Scott Breining
Currently there are 185 members that are paid through 2006.

Playground Report: Linda Pass
No report. Linda absent.

Newsletter: Jennifer Redd
Next issue will go out in early August to the paid members. The newsletter for the all Ardmore residents will be mailed out in early October.

No report.

Crime Report: Brenda Jo Breining
Brenda circulated crime reports. Due their length she will provide just a summary of major items each month.

WSNA Report:
No report.

Historic District: Patti Heath
No report.

Welcome Committee: Bonnie King
Due to so much house “flipping” Bonnie is finding it difficult to know if she should leave a welcome packet at new residences or not. We discussed the alternative of her sending a welcome postcard instead, inviting the new resident to our meeting where they could meet the board, ask questions, enjoy light refreshments, and join the association. This would be done quarterly. Bonnie motioned, Connie seconded, passed by all.

Social Committee: Bonnie King
The theme of the Fall Festival will be “A Taste of Ardmore”. Bonnie will chair the committee. Committee members include Patti Heath, Connie Crawford, Phyllis Newman, and Lynn Quel. Meetings will be held at Bonnie’s house. There was discussion of having the festival tie in with a charity and of having residents enter cooked dishes for judging.

Garden Club Committee: Brenda Jo Breining
Brenda advised us of an upcoming field trip to the Asheville, NC Arboretum on Saturday, September 9th.

New Business:
Guest Speaker: Sandra Binford Subject: RUCA Proposal
The RUCA Proposal is the Revitalization of Urban Commercial Areas. The city of Winston-Salem is awarding two grants of $675,000 each for this purpose. Eleven areas are being considered and will be competing for these grants. The area that concerns Ardmore is the Peter’s Creek Parkway area. West Salem Association is also concerned with this area and has agreed to submit the official response, due September 8th. They are asking for ANA’s official support, which would be indicated in the response. The board agreed. Following is motion as passed.
The ANA Board of Directors, as the elected agent of the Ardmore Neighborhood Association, supports and encourages the West Salem Neighborhood Association in their efforts to secure RUCA funding to revitalize the Peters Creek Parkway & Academy St. shopping area, specifically the West Salem Shopping Center.

Old Business:

Meeting Adjourned: 8:40 PM

Respectfully submitted,
Connie Crawford, Secretary, ANA

July 11, 2006 Board Meeting

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