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Ardmore Neighborhood Association
Minutes for April 11, 2006 Meeting

Present: Jennifer Redd, Patti Heath, Julie Magness, Phyllis Newman, Tom Dalrymple, Brenda Jo Breining, Scott Breining, Bonnie King, Connie Crawford, Pauline Leggatt, Linda Pass

Absent: None

Call to Order: 7:57 PM
Minutes from March 2006 were distributed and approved.


Treasurer’s Report: Pauline Leggatt
Total funds in bank as of March 31, 2006 are $5814.00. Historic District markers have been paid for in full.

Membership Report: Scott Breining
No change in membership. Currently there are 659 members; 141 are paid through 2006. Scott is working on the database to determine newsletter mailing. Membership Drive postcards will be sent mid-May to members who have been expired over for two years.

Playground Report: Linda Pass
Linda attended meeting with Tim Grant, Dan Besse, William Roystan, and Dwayne Barnes. The fencing issue was discussed and it was concluded that the asphalt walkway to the swing area would be moved to avoid bikes riding into the sand and swing area. Linda is requesting approximately 5 volunteers to help install the Fun Pods.

Newsletter: Jennifer Redd
Approximately 450 newsletters were mailed out last week. The cost for 500 from Burklee was $467.00. Issue schedule is June/July, Sept/Oct, and Dec/Jan. Jennifer requested that members start forwarding items to her for next newsletter. Twenty-five newsletters will be given to Bonnie for Welcome Packs.

Zoning: Julie Magness
Julie handed out Operation Impact information.
St. John’s Church has been granted a rehearing.
NCO – Julie currently unaware of status but will follow up and advise.

Crime Report: Julie Magness
Crime Initiative – next meeting will be held April 20th. They are requesting specific crime hot spots to focus on. The board has asked Julie to pass along The Ledges.

Winston-Salem State Center for ___?____ Safety – Rick Pender – next meeting will be April 19th at 6:00 to discuss traffic impact studies when bridge replacement work on Business 40 begins downtown.

WSNA Report: Julie Magness
Nothing new at this time.

Historic District: Patti Heath
The Historic District markers are in place and have colorful ribbons flying from them to draw attention to them.
May 2nd is the Heritage Award Ceremony. A reporter from Channel 13 will interview Jennifer at her home on April 13th.

Welcome Committee: Bonnie King
Bonnie requested input for Welcome Packs, which are currently being updated. She will receive 25 newsletters to add to the Welcome Packs.

Social Committee: Bonnie King
Connie made a motion to hold a fall festival instead of a July 4th picnic this year. Bonnie seconded the motion. All were in favor. Motion passed.

Garden Club Committee: Jennifer Redd
There will be a Garden Club meeting on April 20th at 8:00pm at Jennifer’s home.

New Business:

Old Business:
David Lane called Jennifer and was informed that he has been voted off the board.

New Slogan for Ardmore – The board took a vote on the five following slogans, one of which will be used on a sticker available to Ardmore residents:
· My Life, My Neighborhood Votes received – 0
· Your Neighborhood for Life Votes received – 1
· Our Past, Our Future
Or Our Past, Your Future Votes received – 2
· Your Life, Your Neighborhood
Or Your Neighborhood, Your Life Votes received – 0
· Ardmore, A Neighborhood for Life Votes received – 6

The new slogan for the Ardmore stickers will be “Ardmore, A Neighborhood for Life”

Meeting Adjourned: 8:43 PM

Respectfully submitted,
Connie Crawford, Secretary, ANA

Minutes for April 11, 2006 Meeting