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President’s Message

The ANA Board has been working on your behalf for our wonderful neighborhood. First we are currently updating the web site. Cathy Eades improved security and navigation. We continue to add content. Cathy hopes to transition technical management of the site to an established local company. You may notice this letter is shorter that usual. We are reserving funds to assure this goal. If you do not have web access, please write to our PO Box and we will sent you printed information from the site.

This year a priority has been to work with the city planning staff, resident, business and institutional neighbors to update the “South West Area Plan.” The planning staff has produced a thorough document that protects the historic character of our homes, will enhance connectivity and promote a healthy environment. The complete document is on line at http://cityofws.org/Home/Departments/Planning/AreaPlans/Articles/Southwest. The City Council will hold a public hearing on the draft plan October 5, 2009 at 7:30 p.m. at City Hall. We encourage neighbors to attend in support of the plan and thank Marco Andrade and the entire planning staff !

Reggie Delanty leads our partnership with the Peter’s Creek Community Initiative. The PCCI “Dine on the Parkway Event” was a big success. We have adopted Academy St. as a “Keep WS Beautiful” project. Thank you to all ANA and church members who pick up trash and jump in the stream!

Tiffany White has worked with the Ronald McDonald House to preserve the architectural details of the historic homes as unfortunately the homes could not be saved. Please see the picture on our web site!

Thanks to the many members who spoke out at our meeting on connectivity and pedestrian safety, Greg Errett of the WS Transportation department has lead a study of the Cloverdale area. Results will be on the web.

Please remember that we are part of a bigger world and not immune to crime and animal issues. Do not open your door, give rides or money to strangers. Women and seniors are being targeted in both home invasions and Con schemes! We have board openings for police and animal control liaisons. If willing to serve, please email Ardmore@nullArdmore.ws.

Thank you to Tom Dalrymple, Pauline Leggatt and Diane Blancato who continue to serve. We look forward to Patti Health’s new role as social chair. It is time to celebrate our centennial! At Annual meeting we will be voting on the nominations of Doris Kendrick to Historian and Ann Winters to Environmental Coordinator positions. We will miss Phyllis Newman who leaves to pursue other adventures!

ANA Newsletter September 2009