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Annual Meeting

Tuesday, October 13th, 7:00 PM
Ardmore United Methodist Church
630 S. Hawthorne Rd in Fellowship Hall

Please attend the Ardmore Neighborhood Association Annual Meeting. We will welcome Dan Besse and Ted Shipley in a forum for the City Council Candidates and we will hold our annual ANA election. If you would like for us to forward any questions to the candidates, please e-mail Ardmore@nullardmore.ws.

Our slate of officers is:

Lonnie Clark: President

Patti Heath: Social Chair

Tom Dalrymple: Vice president

Doris Kendrick: Historian

Dianne Blancato: Secretary

Ann Winters: Environmental Coordinator

Thank you to Pauline Leggatt, Reggie Delahanty, Cathy Eades, and Tiffany White who continue to serve. We will miss Phyllis Newman who leaves to pursue other adventures!

We have open positions. If you are interested in filling these roles, please attend our monthly meetings on the second Tuesday of the month.

Distressed Properties Coordinator

New building/expansion Coordinator (Zoning)

Police Liaison

Transportation Liaison

Newsletter Editor

Environmental Coordinator– We would like to have two people in this position due to the scope of the role.

Centennial celebration co-chair– Ardmore’s centennial is this year! We would like to have two people, the Social Chair and Centennial Chair to coordinate a celebration.

Signage Coordinator

We can have a total of twenty board members per our bylaws. Given the size of our neighborhood, we would like to have Board Members from all areas of Ardmore.

See you Tuesday,

Lonnie Clark
ANA President

Annual Meeting Tuesday, 10/13/2009 7PM