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Minutes from the 11/5/15 Meeting of the Ardmore Neighborhood Association held at Miller Park

Present: Bonnie Crouse, Daniel Castro, David Cone, Lyndea Cone, Inez Davis, Reggie Delahanty, Carol Eickmeyer, Laura Farrell, Kim Garrett, Marlo Newman, Jordan Payne, Kathy Pearre, Shelly Snider, Charlie Whittington

Absent: Andy Anderson, Gary Blocker

President Bonnie Crouse called the meeting to order at 7 pm

An agenda was created

Treasurer Marlo Newman reported:

  • That we have about $3600 in the Wells Fargo account; that the account has been changed to one that only  requires a $500 monthly balance so there will be no monthly service fees and that  previous month’s service fees have been refunded.
  • Of the $3600 on hand, $431 is new memberships from the Annual Meeting.
  • The ANA has not filed an IRS 990 for 2014 nor have extensions been filed.
  • In the past Wes Brooks filed the 990 in exchange for recognition as a sponsor of the ANA.
  • David Cone moved that we follow up with Wes Brooks to see if he will file the 990 for 2014 and that the ANA authorizes up to $200 for this professional service. Kathy Pearre seconded the motion and it was passed unanimously.

Liaisons with other organizations
Bonnie suggested that the board identify people to serve as liaisons.

  • David Cone volunteered to be the liaison with law enforcement
  • Laura Farrell volunteered to continue to work with area businesses and sponsors
  • Carol Eickmeyer volunteered to be the liaison with the City County Planning Board
  • Other liaisons will be recognized as the need arrises

Bonnie identified 4 volunteers to work on strengthening the ANA electronic marketing and communications: Julie Gross, Sue Kendall, Daniel Johannes & Daniel Castro. there was much discussion surrounding the website, a potential Facebook page and other forms of electronic communication. There was also much discussion of a need or interest in a newsletter that would be both electronic and in print.

Bonnie met with Kimberly Vaughn, an owner of Ruff Housing the doggie daycare and kennel on Witt St. They are seeking a Special Use Permit to change the setback requirements as they seek to expand the current facilities. the first step in this process is to gain Planning Board approval, for which there is no public hearing. The request moves to the City Council for approval at their December 7 meeting. Public comment is permitted at this meeting. Ruff Housing has asked for the ANA to support their request.

  • Carol Eickmeyer moved that the ANA write a letter of support for this request. Motion was seconded by Inez Davis. The motion passed unanimously. Bonnie will write the letter and forward it to Ms. Vaughn

All agreed that an increase in membership is important if the ANA is to be a viable organization. However, it is important that we be able to answer the questions: What does the ANA do and Why should I join the ANA.

  • Laura Farrell mentioned that she has a form that answers these questions and would be happy to email it to us. A request was made to add a membership blank to this form.
  • Carol Eickmeyer challenged the board members to each solicit 10 new members by the next meeting. Those 150 new members added to the existing 57 would bring the ANA to 207 by the end of the year.
  • Reggie Delahanty reminded us that we have the emails of many past members and have not invited them to rejoin the organization in at least a year if not longer. It could be worthwhile to do this. No one was identified to take this action.

Monthly meetings
We agreed to meet the first Thursday of the month, for the next few months at least while the ANA gets back on its feet and to continue to meet at the Miller Park Recreation Center unless a board member invites us to their home.

The next meeting will be December 3 at 7 pm.
The January meeting will be on the 7th at 7 pm.

Ardmore is part of the The Southwest Area Plan. The Plan is being updated and the first meeting is 11/19 at Miller Park at 6 pm.  We are encouraged to attend.

The first meeting regarding the improvements of Miller Park has been held but for those who were unable to attend there is an online survey at: http://www.cityofws.org/ Departments/Recreation-Parks/ Recreation-Centers/Miller- Park/Miller-Park-Improvements

Remarks for the Good of the Order
Bonnie asked that members of the board make a covenant to respect each other’s opinions, listen to everyone’s comments, acknowledge the value of every contribution and in general both support the work we’re doing and each other.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30, as promised.
Respectfully submitted by Carol Eickmeyer for Andy Anderson who was unable to attend.

November 2015 Board Meeting

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