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Minutes from the February board meeting will be posted when approved at the next scheduled board meeting which is at 7:00 p.m. March 3 at the Miller Park Recreational Center (400 Leisure Lane, Winston-Salem, NC 27103)

Minutes from the December 3, 2015 Meeting of the Ardmore Neighborhood Association held at the Miller Park Community Center.

In attendance
Bonnie Crouse, Jordan Payne, David Cone, Lyndia Cone, Carol Eickmeyer, Kathy Pearre, Laura Farrell, Reggie Delahanty, Andy Anderson, Marlo Newman

President Bonnie Crouse called the meeting to order at 7 pm.

The board accepted a motion to approve the November meeting minutes.

Treasurer’s Report
Marlo reported $3,947 in the ANA account. Taxes have been taken care of, and the PO Box and website are paid to date. Marlo will be ordering checks. The board discussed setting up Paypal to allow membership dues to be collected on our phones. The ANA has received $180 in new membership fees.

President’s report
Bonnie went over the responsibilities of a non-profit and how to instill a culture of trust and cooperation in the ANA. The responsibilities of a non-profit include:

  1. Keep it legal
  2. Keep it solvent
  3. Plan for the future
  4. Recruit and staff
  5. Accountability to constituents
  6. Get the work done
  7. Support and empower committees and volunteers
  8. Groom your own replacements
  9. Ambassadors to the community
  10. Lather, rinse, repeat

A budget requires identifying what kind of money we need, what we’ll do with it, how we plan to get it: donations, dues, events, sales. And how upcoming events (to be discussed later as a separate item) can fit into the membership growth.

Website improvements
Bonnie noted that Daniel is continuing to update the website.

RuffHousing’s request for special use permit
Bonnie provided an update on support for this request.
A special motion “agenda item at city hall meeting 12/7” was accepted

Discussion of Southwest Area Plan led by Jordan, Carol, Marlo, and Laura
If you were there for some or all of the discussion/listening meeting with the city’s planning staff a couple of weeks ago, please share your response to it and your recommendations, if you have them, for the ANA board to take up as a result.

  1. Traffic calming on Lockland – bushes are restricting sight lines making it dangerous
  2. Revitalization efforts of peters creek and sidewalks to create greenway
  3. Concerns about Stratford road area
  4. Next meeting is Dec 17th at 6 PM. ANA will be present with Jordan, Andy and Carol

Report of the most recent meeting of the Winston-Salem Neighborhood Alliance attended by Carol
There was a discussion of concerns about accessory buildings. The current laws around accessory buildings is vague, and there was discussion of applying for historical status to prevent abuse of accessory buildings. The discussion was tabled. Reggie noted concerns around hospitals buying land in Ardmore.
The city is trying to increase density.

Discussion of Cloverdale/Ardmore Terrace apartments led by Carol and Bonnie
What should our next steps be? The ANA sent a letter to City Council and forwarded a message from Dan Besse. Carol and Bonnie had lunch with some developers, they are having a hard time getting insurance on apartments due to them being older and needing so much work. Some shareholders want commercial permits for both sides of Cloverdale, and there was discussion about pushing them to rezone.

Carol discussed the results of new members work. A question arose about the time frame for membership (is it a calendar year or does it start the month you signed up?). The board tabled the question. There has been $180 in new membership fees.

Laura discussed Business Membership strategy, handed out the application, and proposed changing the application to reflect $175 fee for businesses. The motion was accepted.

Bonnie discussed future events which are to be multipurpose and tied in with membership strategy. These include:

  • Valentine’s event to make valentines for Ronald McDonald / Brenners Children’s Hospital. A motion to budget $100 from the budget was accepted.
  • History month event to kick off the Ardmore book
  • 4th of July Picnic – The venue has already been booked by Bonnie.
  • Candidate debate forum / yearly meeting – October

Crime and Police
Comments on crime from David Cone who volunteered to be the board’s liaison with the police department. Police are aware of ANA and the new board.

December 2015 Board Meeting

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