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Minutes from the March board meeting will be posted when approved at the next scheduled board meeting which is at 7:00 p.m. April 7 at the Miller Park Recreational Center (400 Leisure Lane, Winston-Salem, NC 27103).

Minutes from the February 4, 2016 Meeting of the Ardmore Neighborhood Association held at the Miller Park Community Center.

In Attendance:

Carol Eickmeyer, Bonnie Crouse, Jordan Payne, Andy Anderson, Kathy Pearre, Daniel Castro, Laura Farrell, Marlo Newman, Charlie Whittington, Aimee Smith, Jenny Shawtz

President Bonnie Crouse called the meeting to order at 7pm.


Minutes from last meeting in January approved.

Treasurer’s Report:

Currently $4065.13 in account, $185 was deposited

Report on Board Retreat:

The Ardmore history project is going to resume its work toward producing a coffee table book about our neighborhood, from early/founding years to present. The first public program around those matters will be on April 23rd, with an Open House, drop-in format event. This was discussed in detail at the board retreat on Jan. 9th. On the following Monday, we were able to get the venue confirmed for that date and a deposit paid on the space. It will be in the large meeting room at the Miller Park Rec Center. Carol Eickmeyer has agreed to be the board liaison for the initial organizing. We’ll look for her update and suggestions on what the next steps should be.

4th of July event:

We have booked the space at Miller Park – Shelter #1 – for the 4th of July picnic. That was done following board authorization at our first board meeting in November and the rental has been paid. Exact time, theme, food arrangements and budget for that day are decisions that still need to be made and we need to draw in a core group to take on the organizing for that. Andy Anderson will be the board liaison, and this will be a brief item for the February board meeting.

Home Tours:

There was a lively discussion about home tours following a comprehensive and well-documented presentation by Patti Heath. There was general agreement that attempting to do a December 2016 home tour would not be the ANA’s best move. For one thing, pulling off this sort of event takes time, at least 12 months, preferably a bit longer. You might argue that we could shave off some of that timeline but the other complication is that the West End Neighborhood Association has a long-standing practice of doing a holiday home tour every other year, and 2016 is one of those years. It would not be prudent or courteous for the ANA to have a competing event, so discussion then moved to a Spring 2017 home tour. Kathy Pearre stepped up and will captain the early organizing efforts on that.

Insurance (per Laura’s report on running into that issue in context of setting up a membership table):

We should make a decision as a board to obtain liability insurance policy that will cover us for a broad array of contingencies. The home tour probably will need a policy of its own. For all other purposes, we should explore liability insurance to cover our activities and events. If you have expertise in this area, let us know. As ever, any time board members make recommendations involving purchasing professional services, it will be important to disclose any potential personal interest they might have. That won’t keep us from going with that agent or with that company, but we don’t want to be blindsided later if there is a claim of conflict of interest. However, if you or someone you know is involved in this type of insurance practice, please DO share that with us at the next board meeting.

The ANA board will continue to have monthly meetings at 7:00 p.m. on the 1st Thursday. This can be revisited in 2-3 months if we have a plurality of board members who want to make the case for altering our meeting schedule. For the foreseeable future, however, we have enough reorganizing work cut out for us that there’s no chance of running out of things to fill the agenda. From a practical standpoint, we need the opportunity to meet formally to confirm actions that will be recorded in the minutes. If you have something you want to put on the agenda, let’s hear it.

Much thanks to Carol for hosting the retreat. Additional thanks to Carol for conceiving of the retreat and for pushing us to go through with it. My perception of it is that it was time well spent. We had a good turnout. People participated energetically and were generous with suggestions. I appreciate all of you.


History Project Open House, April 23

Carol Eickmeyer – made form for sample event proposal, yard signs for events, creating Facebook event, carol will be sole contact for history project event. Raise budget for the event to $255 allowing $100 for decorations – approved

4th of July Picnic at Miller Park

2017 Home Tour- Marlo proposed to change tour to 2016 holiday tour, discussion of working with west end holiday home tour, Carol proposed the Ana reaches out to the west end holiday home tour to confirm discuss holiday home tours. Discussed doing Halloween home tour. Laura made a motion that the holiday home tour meets with Mark Lively to discuss working with West End’s home tour and report back – approved

Use event planning form going forward.

Communication (Social Media (Facebook), Brochure, Website, Newsletter):

Official ANA Facebook page was generated by Bonnie following the board retreat’s discussion of increasing our socal media presence. Reggie Delahanty and others recommended that we go with an ANA Facebook page rather than a Facebook discussion group as that will give us control over what gets posted for discussion. All ANA board members are allowed to generate posts. Anyone can like/follow the page, but those outside of the board are only allowed to make comments. Jordan volunteered to be an admin to help with quality control of page. There was also talk of Reggie possibly taking down the facebook group called Ardmore Neighborhood due to overwhelming work trying to regulate page (apparently gets 200+ notifications/messages per day with group). However, that call is the admin’s (Reggie) and not a decision that the ANA can make.

Newsletter for neighborhood to raise awareness, Kathy offered to format the newsletter, do a quarterly newsletter, discussion on design of newsletter, cost, distribution, send newsletter information to Kathy targeted for the beginning of March. Question about whether Kathy’s husband was willing or interested in doing an on-line newsletter or just print. Bonnie will follow up.

Laura printed cards raising awareness of upcoming events, membership, courtesy of Ardmore Realty.


Continually updating membership list, remember to funnel all information to the secretary, who will organize into spreadsheet.

Issues within PayPal.

Send welcome email when new members join.

Issues with email group being tied to old board – Daniel offered to look into this with the company that hosts our sites.

Tabled issue to executive committee meeting.

Bonnie suggested forming membership services group.

New Business (as time permits):

Jordan went to area plan meeting, talked about development on goat farm, talk about grocery store in that area. Currently zoned for residential

Public relations committee: go through committee and send message about helping more with ANA.


Ended: 9:04pm

February 2016 Board Meeting

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